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Rentals & Gigs

Sound Systems


We have a huge selection of sound systems and AV gear for your next event, concert, or wedding.  

Tell us what you've got going and we can recommend the perfect system for your next venue.  

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Drummer Joke:

Q: What's the biggest lie drummers believe?

A: "Hey, I'll help you carry your stuff."

We can equip your next venue so you don't have to lug the heavy stuff like drums, speakers, monitors, etc. No joke! 

Call today, we really will help you with your stuff!

Staffing & Support


If you're in dire straights and not only need the sound system, but someone to manage it too, we can help! 

We can professionally staff your sound system and make that big fancy board with a lot of buttons and lights one less thing for you to worry about at your event!

"The Good Ole Boys"


How many music stores do you know that have their own band?  Well, now you know at least one because we do!  

If you need live music at your next event, The Good Ole Boys (aka The Clear Tones) specialize in country, southern rock, rock, and even a few surprises!

Call and ask Larry about booking The Good Ole Boys at your next event!