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Music One Workshop

The Flathead's Premier Music Shop


We have a huge selection of guitars and other various instruments ready to play for someone who's picked up a guitar for the first time to professional musicians looking for that perfect sound.  Ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you may have about your next instrument!


Perhaps you couldn't stop the rock in time.  Maybe you got into a minor "Fender bender."   You might even be looking for a new song from an old friend with a few mods.  No matter what you're looking to fix or improve, with nearly 40 years of experience on the bench we'll get you humming again!


So you've got "the fever", huh?  Some say the only cure is more cowbell, but good news!  There are a lot of other instruments that can cure "the fever" as well.  We have several instructors who are excited to teach everyone from those just starting out, to professionals needing to polish their skills.  We can treat you where ever you are in your musical walk!


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