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Why Buy From Music One Workshop

* Buy your next guitar with confidence and have a "Peace Of Mind Guarantee" knowing that your guitar has received Music One Workshop's exclusive Gold Level Set-up.

** Larry Miletich and George Miletich Jr. are authorized and certified Gold and Silver level Fender guitar technicians. They can perform any and all types of guitar set-ups, repairs and restorations.

*** Every guitar from Music One Workshop receives our exclusive:

   Master Series Larry Miletich:  Kalispell Montana
  1. Neck Adjustment: Neck is adjusted for straightness and playability. Bolt on necks are checked for a tight neck pocket and string alignment. Tuning machines are tightened and adjusted.
  2. Nut Adjustment: String slots are recut for proper height and playability. Strings slots are polished smooth and lubricated for friction free string travel.
  3. Fret Adjustment: Frets are checked and any overly high frets are leveled, crowned and polished. Fret edges are filed smooth.
  4. Intonation Adjustment: Electric guitar bridge saddles are harmonically intonated and action adjusted with a Peterson Strobe Tuner.
  5. Acoustic Saddle Adjustment: Acoustic guitar bridge saddles are re-cut, shaped, and polished for proper height and playability. Intonated saddles are available by special order.
  6. Guitar Action Adjustment: All guitars are set up with a low action for easy playability. Optional action heights can be special ordered.
  7. Pickup Adjustment: Electric guitar pickups are adjusted for optimum output, balance, and intonation.
  8. Tremolo/Vibrato Adjustment: Electric guitar tremolos/vibratos are adjusted for a smooth action and accurate return to pitch stability. Optional tremolo/vibrato set-ups can be requested.
  9. String Gauge: Custom string gauging is available prior to set-up and installed with our exclusive string-lock technique.
  10. Tuned and Tested: All guitars are personally tuned and test played by Larry or George prior to display or shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.

Music One Workshop is now offering their exclusive "Master Series" Guitar Set-Up. The "Master Series" Set-up includes all the specifications of the "Gold Level Set-up" with the upgrade to all Frets to be crowned and highly polished. This upgrade will make the guitar play cleaner with less fret buzz which is commonly associated with jumbo frets being leveled with no recrowning. The highly polished fret allows for less friction during string to fret contact when string bending. You will feel the difference.

Master Series Larry Miletich:  Kalispell Montana

Martin CertifiedTakamine Certificate
Gibson Certified
(All Gibson Acoustic Guitars are hand picked for the finest in tone, playability and appearance, by Larry or George at the Bozeman Montana Guitar Factory.)
Fender Certified Electric Guitar TechFender Certified Acoustic Guitar Tech
Fender Certified Electronics Tech

Fender Certified Electric Guitar Tech

Fender Certified Acoustic Guitar Tech

Fender Certified Electronics Tech

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