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Customer Testimonials

Our Customer Testimonials

Larry Miletich @ Music One Workshop

FROM: Doug Allen
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

If you are unaware, Larry is a Gold Level Fender service tech. I was told so by customer service at Fender. I ordered Tele parts and custom schematics from his shop; great Service, prompt delivery, all e-mail gets a quick reply too. He was patient with all my questions.
Thanks Larry! (he's a TDP reader)

Fender Natural Ash Telecaster

FROM: Ann Lunn
TO: Larry Miletich

Larry -
What can I say! The guitar arrived this afternoon - it is well beyond my expectations - absolutely beautiful in every way - I am absolutely delighted with it and will be playing it with pride for a very long time! Thank you so much for your help and advice - I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends needing a guitar.
Thanks Again

B-Bender Questions

FROM: John Beland
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

B-Bender installed on your Tele. I don't know what the price is these days…but there's really only one guy to go to, LARRY AT MUSIC ONE WORKSHOP. Access our sight for a link,, It'll take you to Larry's place.

By far and away…he's the best installer of B-Benders in the country.

My MIM 50's Classic & Music One Workshop

FROM: Steve
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

Yup, Larry is the best. He is out in Montana and he shipped to me here in New York. My Tele is top Notch. I can't wait to buy from him again. You don't get that kind of customer service here in NY/NJ.


JD Telecaster

FROM: Richard Bearer
TO: Music One Workshop


My JD Tele arrived today and it's gorgeous. I absolutely love the chunky neck, and the setup is perfect. Your service has been excellent and I want you to know it is appreciated. My next guitar will be from your shop!


New Guitar Purchase, a Couple Thank You's to Georgia Honk, Music One Workshop

FROM: Eric Ross "Wey Cool Jr's Nerdy Cousin"
TO: Harmony Central Guitar Forum

First I would like to thank Georgia Honk for turning me on to Music One Workshop in the great state of Montana. I had been searching for a good playing Fender RI 50's Strat for the last 2 months and GH recommended I check out what they had to offer. I did and I must thank you GH.

First let me say that I had been searching for a great playing RI 50's Strat for a long time. I had played the MIM, MIA, CS and every other guitar Fender had to offer. I decided to stick with the early 90's MIJ because of quality and price. I was also on a limited budget. Then GH recommends MOW,, and says they might be able to hook me up with a MIM that plays better than most MIA's. Boy was he right.

I called MOW (Music One Workshop) and talked to Larry Miletich. He is a Fender Gold Level Technician. I tell him what I'm looking for and he assures me he can provide what I need at the right price. I spent a lot of time asking questions and he answered all of them honestly and promptly. He says I would be very happy with the MIM 50's RI with his setup. So I ordered it. He doesn't just take any guitar Fender sends him. He chooses the ones he sells. They must be built well (tight neck pocket etc.), have the right weight, look and such or he will send them back. That's awesome, I wish everyone was like that, then Fender might start making a more consistent product. It took him a couple of days to get the right guitar in and a couple days to set it up. His setups are like none I have ever seen from a dealer selling a new guitar. He is so thorough from filing and polishing the nut to strobe setting the intonation.

Well today I received the guitar, and I am just floored as to how well this guitar plays. I am not kidding when I tell you this, but this MIM 50's RI plays better and just overall feels better than any guitar that I have played in the last 2 months. Better than the high dollar CS's, MIA's, whatever. This thing is remarkable. I honestly didn't know what to expect because I had never really liked the MIM's before, but Larry sounded like he knew his stuff, which he does, and I am so glad that I listened to him. I really can't believe how nice this guitar is especially for the money. If you are looking for a high quality, great playing, sweet guitar I doubt you'll find a better dealer on God's great earth than these guys.

In closing I would just like to say that I am in no way affiliated with MOW. I just happen to think they offer more than any other dealer I have worked with before.


You Can't "Hype" Greatness…Music One

FROM: John Beland
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

There's no doubt Larry and Music One deliver the goods. I mostly deal direct with companies when purchasing, and I've become real tired of guitar techs and music store salespeople who tend to think they're rock stars themselves. In all my travels I can name maybe two or three really class techs, and stores.

Larry & Music One "are" number one for me…Larry's not some jive phony who over prices you just for the honor of letting him fix your ax…like at the now defunct "ROSE GUITARS" in Hendersonville, Tennessee…where myself and a bunch of other Nashville studio guys were ripped off by the owner.

I'll never send any of my guitars to be fixed by anyone but Larry. He truly cares about his clients his work is flawless and he is as honest as the day. I can't imagine ANYONE "slamming" Larry. Trust me, he's one of "the good guys."

Larry Rules!

FROM: Kenn Conn
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

He's a SUPER nice guy and does FANTASTIC work! He did a Gatton-ize bridge for me as well as a Bakelite guard with a Strat pup hole in the middle. VERY fair prices and exceptional workmanship. He answers all questions thoroughly and it appears he can do any and all things Fender (or otherwise!).

Yup, Music One are honest and Good!

FROM: Peter
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

I've bought a few things from Larry sight unseen (I'm in Australia) and I've had only the best possible experiences to relate about him. He'd set up one of the new MIA Jags I bought from them with a shim in the neck pocket, and I thought that maybe that was not so good for about one day, until I fooled about with it and promptly realized how much that contributed to the tuning stability and generally solid feel of the Jag he'd sent me vs. the RI my friend had or the one I played in a Sydney store. Needless to say Larry's shim is back in place, and the jag has settled in very well indeed.

He always replies to questions, is prompt in shipping things, packs them properly, and the prices range from good to better than anywhere I've seen, US or otherwise.

I can't imagine wanting more from a store. It sounds corny, but there you go. I hope they stay in
business long as I need guitar gear!


FROM: Bob McLeod
TO: Music One Workshop

Hiya Larry;
The Twins are in and they are gorgeous! They came last night after I left…no damage and in fine condition. They look absolutely stunning and your setup is superb. I can't decide which one is more beautiful. They are a big hit around here already. The Thinline maybe has the nod by a hair for finish and it has a really nice acoustic voice. The neck pockets are great along with everything else.
I can't wait to get out of here and hook 'em up to the Vibrolux. Thanks again bud. You are the best, and believe me, someone's going to hear about this!
Thanks again for all your efforts on my behalf,


FROM: Jeff Byrd
TO: Music One Workshop

Hi Larry. You are possibly hearing from the happiest man in the world. Sorry I haven't written back earlier, but I haven't been able to put down my new G&L. It is beyond my dreams. The pic you had up did not do this guitar justice. Even my wife who usually takes no interest in the instruments I buy thought it was beautiful. It looked like it came straight from the factory never played. This was my first instrument purchase over the internet and I was pretty nervous, but if every dealer is as honest and professional as you have been then I shall have no fear. I will continue to frequent your site for more great deals. Let me know if you ever get any more G&L asat's or asat classics pre 1990's. I'm basically a Leo Fender era G&L collector. I can usually afford about a guitar a year, but this one is so perfect I may be able to go two years without another G&L, (not)!!! If your price on that silver asat classic with the benders comes down let me know also. Thanks again for your honesty and professionalism. Hope to hear (or buy) from you in the future.

Jeff Byrd


FROM: 6bde-band
TO: Music One Workshop

My hats off to Larry & George Jr. for your support while I was out there in Kalispell. Your shop is truly one of a kind, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Staff Sergeant Rob Comer, Guitarist
HQ, US Army 6th Recruiting Brigade, Band Liason

Music One Does It Again

TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

I just received my 50s sunburst Strat from Music One yesterday and it is absolutely fantastic. After speaking with Larry, we replaced the stock pickups with Fat 50s - the tone is incredible; "chimey" and yet full and bassy at the same time - and set the trem flush. He also wired the second tone pot to function for the middle/bridge, making it much more useful.

For those yet unacquainted with Music One, in addition to selling the highest quality instruments, they will do a setup based on your playing style, string gauge, tastes, etc. Combine that with a lightweight body and a nice chunky neck (although not as chunky as a 50s Tele), the pickups and the tone pot mod and it is like getting a custom shop model for a fraction of the cost.

Often we only hear of negatives when dealing with Internet retailers - I know Larry and his company are well thought of here - I'd thought I'd give Larry some additional kudos for a job incredibly well done.

Re: Music One Does it Again

FROM: ChrisC
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

I recently bought a 52 RI Tele Special from Larry and I have to agree with everyone else. He knows his trade, is very accommodating and is just a real nice guy. Very helpful in the follow up after sale too. He is also an active player himself so he can relate.

More Reasons to do business with Music One Workshop

FROM: Mark Davis
TO:The Telecaster Discussion Page

It's impossible to beat Larry's service and honesty.

Larry & Music One Workshop is THE BEST guitar shop I have ever bought stuff from. His service after the sale is just as good. It's a real pleasure to be able to find someone this good and this honest and reasonable prices also.

I did some pickup mods to my 60's Classic Strat added some Fralins and was talking to Larry about shielding it with shielding paint. A couple days later I got a package in the mail with some Fat 50's pickups to try out and shielding paint. No charge!!! I used the shielding paint and did a quick install of the Fat 50's without cutting the leads didn't like them as much as the Fralins so sent them back. But Larry was willing to send me these pickups free of charge to try out he said try them for a couple of weeks and if you like them don't worry about paying for them right away just pay me when it's comfortable for you.

Larry knows I'm on disability and have very limited funds so is willing to do stuff like that.

You just wont ever find anyone that sends you stuff for free of charge to test out then you pay after your happy.

Larry says he has never had an unsatisfied customer and I believe him!!

As Usual

FROM: Steve B
TO: The Telecaster Discussion Page

I bought my MIM 50's classic from larry, 2 months ago and I would have to say he is the best dealer I have ever dealt with. The fastest e-mail responder, and his instruments are of the highest quality. He searched, and I got the right pressed fit neck and body weight for me. He is the best

Steve B.

Re: Strat is on the way!

FROM: William D Bone
TO: Music One Workshop


I can't thank you enough for the job you did on my Strat. The action is perfect, the pickups sound fantastic, and the workmanship on the body is top-notch. I feel like I purchased a custom shop model for half price. I have a couple of Teles that I'd like you to perform your magic on in the near future - until then I'll be playing my Strat. Thanks again for all of your help - I would not hesitate to do business with you in the future - it must say something for your work if I'm willing to ship a guitar from Pennsylvania to Montana to have the work performed.

A new loyal customer,



FROM: Nugget
TO: Music One Workshop

Dear Larry,

just got my guitar back. You have done a fantastic job. Our music store's repairman who is a true master also was as impressed as I was. The benders work great and your workmanship is so clean. I am very happy and will start to use it this weekend. Let me tell everybody who has done such great work.
Simply, thanks for everything,

Helmut Mitteregger

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